Children returning to school – Tax Free Childcare

With Scottish schools returning last week, and Northern Irish schools re-opening, HMRC are reminding parents they can get up to £2,000 of government help towards childcare costs with Tax-Free Childcare (TFC).

For every £8 that families pay, the government will add £2, up to a maximum of £2,000 per child, per year (or £4,000 for disabled children).

Support is available to working parents and to the self-employed, for children aged through to 11 years. These funds can go towards a whole range of regulated childcare including nurseries, childminders, before and after-school clubs and holiday clubs.

You can find out more and apply through the Childcare Choices website. Parents can also use the Childcare Choices website to see what childcare offers they could be eligible for. The website includes a Childcare Calculator so that they can compare all of the government’s childcare offers.

PAYadvice.UK 18/8/2020

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