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Married Couples Allowance
New Marriage Allowance form made available
Work Expenses
Don’t miss out on a tax refund for work expenses
You May be owed tax refund on your work expenses – find out today
Income tax relief for employment expenses
Working from Home
Homeworkers tax and NI free allowance increase from 6th April 2020
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Avoid the Tax Refund Scammers
Campaigners call for urgent action on diversion of tax refunds
Assignments of Income Tax Refunds now void
Tax refund companies under fire for high fees
Tax refund company complaints increase

Can PAYadvice help?

The claiming of tax refunds is generally straight forward and something you can do yourself using HMRC resource such as your Personal Tax Account (PTA).

However, sometimes its a little dauting going through the process and sometimes people need some assistance from those they can trust.

PAYadvice Ltd is a registered and authorised Tax Refund agent. Our fees are straight forward and affordable – you will receive most of your tax refund.

There are no fees to pay up front, your will receive your refund direct to you from HMRC. We operate on a model of trust that when your receive your refund, you will pay our agreed small poportion amount due.

Please feel free to make contact with PAYadvice

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