New Marriage Allowance form made available

Individuals may claim the marriage allowance through their online Personal Tax Account. For those who are a little tech savvy with web browsers, to apply is relatively straight forward.

Repayment agents who actively push tax rebate service in social media have been generally found to charge high fees retaining a sizeable share of the tax refund owed to the tax payer. The use of assignments for reclaims have been outlawed.

However, online is not always easy for everyone, and to make the process easy especially for reputable agents, the new form is to facilitate postal applications in addition to the online routes.

To support agents who are unable to use the online process to apply for Marriage Allowance HMRC have developed a new print and post claim form.

The new print and post claim form is accessed through GOV.UK and was made available on 18th May 2023.

The form needs to be posted to the address printed on the form.

The new form has been developed with input from agents and ensures we HMRC receives all the information needed to process claims fully with the individuals consent and helps us to improve tax payer experience.

PAYadvice.UK 26/5/2023

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