National Minimum Wage

PAYadvice.UK have a number of articles which cover National Minimum Wage law in the United Kingdom.

This page brings together articles that have been published to address the responsibilities and duties of employers to pay at or above minimum wage levels. What obligations does an employer have, what is counted as time for minimum pay purposes and what earnings are utilised.

The following table defines the minimum pay rates for 2022 and 2023 and how they have changed:

PAYadvice.UK publishes and updates the payroll and HR industry on the changes that impacts minimum pay law:

National Minimum and Living Wage rise for April 2023 – PAYadvice.UK
Pay rises and the impacts on Maternity – the curse of Alabaster – PAYadvice.UK
Common causes of minimum pay breach – PAYadvice.UK
Absurd excuses for not paying National Minimum Wage published – PAYadvice.UK
Significant minimum pay rise may impact employer reward strategies – PAYadvice.UK
Start-age for National Living Wage expected to drop to 21 from April 2024 – PAYadvice.UK
New UK law to boost seafarer pay – PAYadvice.UK

A large number of employers, including household names, are shamed by the UK government for failing to pay at least minimum pay levels and are found to be exploiting their employees and workers. In June 2023, the Department for Business and Trade published the latest shaming list of employer who had breached NMW law. They also provided information on the reasons those employers (some household name) broke minimum pay law.

PAYadvice.UK published a number of articles which covered the detail:

202 Employers shamed for underpaying minimum wage – PAYadvice.UK
79 of the 202 shamed employers breached minimum pay due to wage deductions – PAYadvice.UK
Unpaid working time may take pay below the minimum wage – PAYadvice.UK
42 of 202 shamed employers breached minimum wage for apprentices! – PAYadvice.UK
And article relating to prior shaming rounds which are of interest
Why are employers breaking minimum wage law? ‘don’t be a Scrooge – pay your staff properly’ – PAYadvice.UK
Minimum wage law breaker Employers ‘named and shamed’ – PAYadvice.UK
Rogue employers named and shamed for failing to pay minimum wage – PAYadvice.UK

Official resources

Government resources on National Minimum Wage can be found at:

Check your pay – National Living and Minimum Wage
Calculating the minimum wage – Guidance – GOV.UK (
The National Minimum Wage Regulations 2015 (
National Minimum Wage Manual – HMRC internal manual – GOV.UK (

The Real Living Wage from the Living Wage Foundation

Over 12,500 UK employers have now signed up to join the voluntary real Living Wage promoted by the Living Wage foundation. They also promote real hours to combat worker exploitation resulting from Zero or Low Hour contracts when the regular hours worked are much more.

Real Living Wage increases to £10.90 in UK and £11.95 in London – PAYadvice.UK
Accredited Living Wage Employers | Living Wage Foundation
For the real cost of living | Living Wage Foundation
Living Hours | Living Wage Foundation
Living Pension | Living Wage Foundation

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