Holiday Entitlement and Pay

PAYadvice.UK have a number of articles which cover the lawful application of holiday pay in the United Kingdom.

This pages brings together articles that have been published to address the responsibilities and duties of employers to pay holiday leave. What are employees entitled too and how much should they be paid.

Holiday Entitlement

All employees and workers are annually entitled to 5.6 paid weeks holiday.

The following relate to holiday entitlement:

Holiday Pay

Since April 2020, holiday pay for Great Britain is required to be based as a minimum on the 52 paid week average excluding zero pay weeks. Northern Ireland remains as a 12 week paid earnings average.

A common method of using a percentage of 12.07% (46.4/52 weeks) has been ruled as unlawful not meeting the Employment Rights Act stipulated requirements.

Official resources

Government resources on holiday leave entitlement and pay can be found at:

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