PAYadvice services – We can help?

Individuals and employees

PAYadvice utilises the services of Payroll, taxation and employment rights qualified and regulated experts with over 30 plus years of industry experience.

  • Tax codes – we can help check that you are paying the correct amounts of tax. Are you on tax code 0T or BR? Why, we can help.
  • Homeworkers – you can receive tax relief of £6 per week when undertaking elements of work at home.
  • Marriage Allowance – could you benefit from the married couples allowance?
  • National Insurance credits when looking after children of someone who is working. Did you know that you may qualify for entitlements to state benefits such as state pension?

For employers and business

Do you need help with your declaration to HMRC in relation to the Loan Charge. PAYadvice can help file your declaration.

Do you need help claiming back #coronavirus related Statutory Sick Pay. PAYadvice can help advise or file your SSP Claim Back application.

Do you need help applying for the coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Grant? PAYadvice can help advise or file you CJRS grant application.

PAYadvice (as an agent) can assist you with:

  • Applying for the Employment Allowance on the Employer Payment Submission (EPS). If you qualify we can apply the entitlement.
  • Real Time Information (RTI) Employer Payment Submission (EPS) regular filing including statutory payment reclaims, apprenticeship levy submissions, CIS suffered reclaims and End of tax year complete declarations
  • National Minimum Wage audit. We can identify your risk areas, advise on mitigating activity. Assist with HMRC NMW audit and assist with avoiding the traps. Education on NMW law and how that impacts business process, employer and employee activity, and what counts or not.
  • Holiday Pay requirements.

Technical guides and advice (under construction)

PAYadvice provide detailed technical guidance on:

  • Real Time Information
  • Directors
  • National Minimum Wage
  • Holiday rights and pay
  • Etc

PAYadvice Ltd is registered with both the Information Commissioners Office for data protection and registered with HM Revenue and Customs for Anti-Money Laundering supervision. PAYadvice is authorised to act as adviser and an agent in relation to payroll, taxation and employment related matters.

PAYadvice operates under the:

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