Employer Bulletin – links and associated articles

HMRC publishes the employer bulletin 6 times a year. These give employers and agents the latest information on topics and issues that HMRC consider to affect them.

The links to the bulletin sections are provided by PAYadvice.UK readers along with associated relevant articles and commentary by PAYadvice and its authors.

HMRC Employer Bulletin resources by PAYadvice.UK
August 2023
Pension Tax Relief – what are HMRC on about?
Funding Education by Dividend Diversion – it doesn’t work
June 2023
April 2023
Generic Notifications for student loans – What’s the point!
Paper P11Ds – now being rejected
PAYE account misbalance – the dreaded duplicates!
February 2023
HMRC revise reporting obligations on pay advances
Major changes to reporting benefits
December 2022
October 2022
Christmas 2022 and New Year 2023 – when are the Bank Holidays and what about paying early?
August 2022
Using the correct employee addresses — new starters
Organised Labour Fraud
June 2022
April 2022
February 2022
National Minimum Wage increase impact on Historic Statutory Maternity Pay
December 2021
October 2021

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