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Welcome to the PAYadvice.UK resource page. This is the home to page links that cover a variety of UK payroll subjects.

Articles and resources for individuals and employees

The following articles will be of interest to individuals in relation to their families and employment:

Articles and resources for employers

Under construction
Children and families
Child Benefit: Over 16 Full-time non-advanced Education
Paternity changes proposed
Working parents to benefit from childcare boost worth up to £1,630 per month
Starting a new job? Make sure your details are accurate
Its all a question of Gender
EU Settlement Scheme enhancements
You May be owed tax refund on your work expenses – find out today
Need your National Insurance Number? Get the free HMRC App.
National Insurance Number – Apple Wallet
Check if your employer claimed furlough for you

The following articles and resources will be of interest to employers in fulfilling their duties both as an employer and in fulling their legal duties to operate PAYE and other payroll related topics:

Under construction
New Starters
Taking on a new employee? Make sure you collect accurate information
Getting your new employees tax right
Using the correct employee addresses — new starters
Records and Reporting
No National Insurance number? So what!
New format NINOs? No they’re Temporary Reference Numbers (TRNs) – do not use!
Its all a question of Gender
Worked Hours reporting change on its way?

The Detail Series

The following resources provide detailed coverage of both technical and practical information on subject that prevalent within the operation of UK Payroll:

Attachment of Earnings Orders and Earnings Arrestments – under contruction
Holiday Entitlement and Pay
National Minimum Wage
Off-Payroll workers – IR35 – Deemed Employees
Real Living Wage (the Living Wage and London Living Wage)
Real Time Information – under construction
Salary Sacrifice and Optional Remuneration Arrangements
Tax Year 2023/2024 resources
Tax Year 2024/2025 resources (under construction)

Legal and government

The following links to resources that relate to payroll and are published by the UK Government departments along with articles by PAYadvice.UK:

Employer Bulletin – links and associated articles
PAYadvice resource: Legal and government

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