Grants available for organisation who can support those who need help with tax

Applications open for the Voluntary and Community Sector Grant Funding Programme

HM Revenue and Customs have secured £5.5 million for 2024 to 2027 to fund voluntary and community sector organisations to help them provide advice and support for those who need extra help with their tax affairs.

These voluntary and community sector organisations are to support HMRC in helping those HMRC currently find hardest to reach, who cannot or will not interact directly with them or need extra support in doing so.

The organisation must be able to demonstrate they can provide tax and related support services, including support with HMRC digital services to a range of unrepresented tax payers, including:

  • those with physical, mental health, cognitive, learning or sensory disabilities
  • those on low incomes or in debt and facing financial hardship
  • those experiencing communication difficulties, such as language barriers
  • those experiencing age related difficulties
  • those lacking confidence and anxious about making mistakes, or are new to HMRC services
  • those in extreme distress through life events such as bereavement, serious illness, breakdown of a relationship or domestic or economic abuse

The proposal will need to show how you can support one or more of these groups.

This is the twelfth funding round in the Grant Funding programme, building on over a decade of partner support worth over £20 million. 

Successful applicants will also help tax payers to reform or build a relationship with HMRC that enables them to engage directly with us in the future.

Qualifying organisations can apply from 24th July through to 21st August, with successful applicants to be announced in October 2023. Live Q&A sessions will also be held during the application window.

Details about HMRC Grant Funding application guidance

PAYadvice.UK 27/7/2023

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