The Payroll Service Summit – part 3 – Resourcing your payroll team for success

The part 3 session was a small panel discussion on resourcing the payroll team fit success.

An interactive q and a session with delegates able to post questions via slido.

How is the industry going to recruit and retain new blood. Often payroll is seen as a cost area within a business. Business case for success has a need to be tailored towards the relevant business peers.

Damon covered aspects of outsourcing some work activity to India which started in 2019. There have been pros and cons which require working through to achieve a required balance. They start as trainees similar to thise recruited in the UK.

Thought on fully remote payroll team working?

Helen discussed how all the roles can now work fully remote. The need for office base depends on circumstances applicable. Training is easy to apply remotely.

Discussion also covered Robotics and artificial intelligence. team structures and numbers.

PAYadvice.UK 1/11/2023

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