NHS returners being targeted by unscrupulous tax avoidance schemes #COVID19 #coronavirus


..’unscrupulous promoters of tax avoidance schemes are targeting workers returning to the National Health Service (NHS) to help respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak’

….All of these schemes have one thing in common and that is to attempt to disguise the true level of your earnings, which would ordinarily be subject to Income Tax and National Insurance contributions…

…If you are asked to sign documents other than your contract of employment, you should think very carefully before signing up. You should challenge the position if you are asked to sign separate agreements to receive loans, advances, shares, annuities or anything else not relevant to your work. Even if you don’t realise it, these schemes are very likely to involve tax avoidance and you could end up owing tax and interest, as well as incurring the fees paid to the umbrella company…..

HMRC has already published warnings about similar schemes. Spotlight 53 and other earlier Spotlights give more detail how some of these schemes claim to work.

Avoid the scammers. Keep Britain paid.

PAYadvice.UK 31/3/2020

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