Temporary changes to DWP issued DEA deductions #COVID19 #coronavirus


4th April 2020 the DWP published changes to DEA deduction due to coronavirus.

Rumours were circulating that as a result of #COVID19 that court orders, attachment of earnings orders (AEOs) and Scottish Earnings Arrestments had been suspended – not true.

Employers ‘may be asked to deduct money an employee owes the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) from their pay. This is called a Direct Earnings Attachment’ (DEA).

The DWP have temporarily suspended benefit debt repayments for April through June 2020.

Of course, these letter will be being sent to many empty offices and remain unopened!

This suspension does not apply to other court orders, AEOs/EAs or Deduction of Earnings Orders (DEO) for the collection of child support.

DWP update: Local Authorities will suspend referral of Housing Benefit overpayments.

So this suspension applies to all DEAs issued by DWP and those issued by local authorities.

PAYadvice.UK 4/4/2020 Updated 8/4/2020

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