PAYadvice.UK reaches 500 posts with over 400 followers

WordPress has congratulated PAYadvice.UK on reaching 500 posts since the first post on 19th April 2019.

In 2020 there have so far been over 40,000 clicks for information by 22,000 plus visitors.

There are now over 400 followers. Articles are shared on LinkedIn (there is a PAYadvice group) and on Facebook and Twitter.

PAYadvice.UK provides resources, articles, blogs, services to UK and GB Island business, employers, employees and workers in relation to HR and Payroll compliance. 

The information is sourced by industry payroll experts and from government and experienced industry sources.

#COVID19 has resulted in numerous government notifications and changes impacting employment and the payroll profession. PAYadvice.UK brings new to it’s readers both quickly and in more readily understandable levels of detail.

PAYadvice.UK 21/11/2020

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