Tax scammers are mimicking official numbers!

Scammers are using Royal Courts of Justice telephone numbers to demand tax payments.

An increasing number of concerned individuals are contacting offices across the Royal Courts of Justice following emails or phone calls by scammers.

The scammers allege that payment is owed to HMRC and that warrants for arrest have been issued. Scammers tell individuals to look up contact details for the Royals Courts of Justice to verify the number being used for the call.

These calls include:

  • previous mistakes in tax returns
  • National Insurance numbers being used fraudulently

HMCTS is separate from HMRC and is not involved with tax payments and will not contact individuals about tax matters. HMRC does not use any Royal Courts of Justice phone numbers.

The Royal Courts of Justice will not call or email you about a tax matter.

If you receive a call or email, or any type of contact, do not provide any personal details or make any payment.

Check HMRC’s scams checklist, find out how to report tax scams and get information on how to recognise genuine HMRC contacts.

If you are suspicious about a call or text, follow the checklist and contact HMRC.

If you have paid money, report the matter to

PAYadvice.UK 12/2/2021

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