Agent view of Employer liabilities and payment for PAYE

The HMRC customer engagement team have provided the following in relation to payroll agents access to client information.

Update on Agent view of employer liabilities and payments

Rollout plan

  • We are pleased to report that from Monday 1st November agents with up to 7,500 clients can now opt in to see employer liabilities and payments.

What further changes are we making to the new service?

  • When you first opt in to use the service, you will need to click to confirm that you act for a client before you can see the liabilities and payments data. In response to the user testing, we will be removing this part of the process towards the end of November. If you are accessing the service before then, you may decide to only confirm the clients you wish to view rather than all clients.
  • If you have a large employer client list, for example over 2,000 clients, it may take several seconds for details to load. We are planning to reduce loading times over the coming months.

HMRC Customer Engagement Team – Customer Insight & Design Directorate

PAYadvice.UK 1/11/2021

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