Welsh Government Attachment of Earnings Orders consultation

The Welsh Government is seeking views on the proposal to amend earnings thresholds for Attachment of Earnings Orders (AEO) issued by Welsh local authorities.

They are proposing to uprate the AEO thresholds so that the level of earnings taken into account for council tax purposes reflects ‘real terms change’. Increasing the earnings limits will protect council taxpayers who are currently required to yield a greater proportion of their income to pay off council tax debt than was the case when the thresholds were last increased.

As part of this consultation they would be interested in views on whether the thresholds should be uprated routinely, and if so, how frequently.

The proposed tables:

For the consultation details, questions and how to respond see:

The consultation ends on 31st December 2021. Following the end of the consultation, they will consider the responses and whether to amend the thresholds, with a view to any legislative changes coming into effect from 1st April 2022.

PAYadvice.UK 1/11/2021

3 thoughts on “Welsh Government Attachment of Earnings Orders consultation

  1. Hi, Following to the consultation i see bill was placed in the Parliament. Is there any guidance available for employers or software developers to make the changes in the software?

    1. Hi Ravikanth – the Welsh Assembley have not issued any technical specifications. only the legal instrument, however, the Welsh AEO follow the pattern of the former England and Wales AEO tables.

      Please note that the new tables only apply to new AEO orders issued in Wales from 1st April 2022, they do not replace the tables to be used for prior issued orders as the impact does not apply retrospectively.


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