Claiming Child Benefit? Check your P60

HM Revenue and customs are encouraging parents who claim child benefit to check their P60 which must be issued by 31st May 2022 to those employed on 5th April 2022.

If either of the parents income has recently risen above £50k, they may be affected by the High Income Child Benefit Charge. Check your P60 and visit GOV.UK to learn more

What counts as income

To work out if income is over the threshold, parents need to work out their ‘adjusted net income’ which is your the taxable income before any personal allowances and less things like Gift Aid.

If income is over the £50,000 threshold

Parents can choose to either:

  • get Child Benefit payments, and pay any tax charge at the end of the tax year
  • not get Child Benefit payments, and not pay the tax charge

If you choose to not get Child Benefit

It may still worth filling the Child Benefit claim form, but state on the form that they do not want to get payments.

They need to fill in the claim form if they want to:

PAYadvice.UK 6/5/2022

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