Financial help to work for those with disability and health challenges

Those with a disability or a physical or mental health condition, may need extra help to start a new job, or to stay in work.

Employers have a legal responsibility to support those in work, by considering reasonable adjustments to the job, the recruitment process or by providing extra equipment.

If an individual needs extra support, they should always start by talking to their employer to see how they can help.

In addition to support from employers, there may also be help from Access to Work.

Access to Work is a government scheme that can pay for extra support to help you start or stay in work. The support offered is based on needs, and could include a grant to help cover the costs of practical support in the workplace. It may be able to pay for additional support on top of any reasonable adjustments agreed with the employer.

It is available to those who have a health condition (either mental or physical), or a disability that affects them at work. An Access to Work grant does not need to be paid back and could pay for a range of different support needed, including:

  • support workers
  • specialist equipment to make working easier
  • help with the cost of travel to work and back
  • mental health support

If a health condition requires home-working sometimes, Access to Work could also help with adjustments needed at home to help you stay in work.

PAYadvice.UK 8/5/2022

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