Organised Labour Fraud

As part of the August 2022 employer bulletin, HMRC has issued information on Organised Labour Fraud. Organised labour fraud is the collective name HMRC gives to three main frauds: labour fraud in constructionmini-umbrella company fraudpayroll company fraud It’s ‘organised’ because it is orchestrated and conducted by organised crime groups. It’s ‘labour fraud’ because it always … Continue reading Organised Labour Fraud

Future of work review to be lead by Matt Warman

The Prime Minister has asked Matt Warman MP to lead a review into how the government can best support a thriving future UK labour market. Creating a highly-skilled workforce in the UK will power the mission to grow a high-productivity, high-wage economy that builds the foundation for prosperity across the whole country and for a … Continue reading Future of work review to be lead by Matt Warman

Financial help to work for those with disability and health challenges

Those with a disability or a physical or mental health condition, may need extra help to start a new job, or to stay in work. Employers have a legal responsibility to support those in work, by considering reasonable adjustments to the job, the recruitment process or by providing extra equipment. If an individual needs extra … Continue reading Financial help to work for those with disability and health challenges

Home and Hybrid working – a taxing situation

Working from home: claiming tax relief from April 2022 As part of emergency COVID-19 restrictions, Government instructions to work from home where possible, including the legal requirement to self-isolate if you or a close contact tested positive for coronavirus, meant that in tax years 2020 to 2021 and 2021 to 2022 millions of people across … Continue reading Home and Hybrid working – a taxing situation

Movement to Work CEO Summit

Monday 28th March 2022, Work and Pensions Secretary Thérèse Coffey delivered a speech at the Movement to Work CEO Summit. By thinking hard and digging deep in the roundtables you’re about have, how to turn ideas into action at this Summit, you could also be back next year to celebrate the great achievements that come … Continue reading Movement to Work CEO Summit

COVID-19: England returns to plan A

All measures under Plan B have been lifted meaning face coverings are no longer mandatory in indoor venuesCOVID Passes are now voluntary for large events and nightclubs and people are no longer being advised to work from homeIt comes as hospital admissions stabilise, Omicron infections decline and the number of people in intensive care with … Continue reading COVID-19: England returns to plan A

Returning to offices

Cabinet Office Minister calls for Government departments to accelerate the return to office based working to boost staff collaboration and help support local businesses The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Steve Barclay, has tasked departments across government with ensuring their offices can return quickly to full occupancy following the lifting of work from home … Continue reading Returning to offices

Call for Evidence: umbrella company market

The government has published a call for evidence on the umbrella company market. Umbrellas - what are they? Umbrella companies play a role in the labour market by facilitating the engagement of temporary workers. Umbrella companies employ individuals on behalf of clients and employment businesses. They do not source work for the employee, which is … Continue reading Call for Evidence: umbrella company market

Making the workplace inclusive

According to guidance for employers from ACAS, creating an inclusive workplace is not only the right thing to do, it will make business more successful and adaptable to the current climate. A workplace encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion can help: make it more successfulkeep employees happy and motivatedprevent serious or legal issues arising, such as … Continue reading Making the workplace inclusive

New National Disability Strategy launched

More accessible housing, easier commuting and better job prospects are set to become reality for millions of disabled people in the UK through actions set out in the government’s National Disability Strategy. Disabled people set to benefit from plans to upgrade job support and opportunities, housing and transport as part of a new National Disability … Continue reading New National Disability Strategy launched

Insecure work

Special edition of the TUC’s Jobs and recovery monitor According to the TUC, The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the reality of insecure work in the UK. Care workers, delivery drivers and shopworkers played a crucial role in keeping society going. Meanwhile, in sectors like hospitality many insecure workers often found themselves without work. This TUC … Continue reading Insecure work

‘Employers must do more to address flexible working inequality’ says CIPD, as new analysis highlights ‘flexible working notspots’ across the UK

The CIPD is warning of the risks of potentially creating a two-tier workforce after its analysis of official data found the use of different flexible working arrangements is unequal across the UK – with some areas exposed as 'flexible working notspots'. Using data from the ONS Labour Force Survey, the CIPD has ranked UK nations … Continue reading ‘Employers must do more to address flexible working inequality’ says CIPD, as new analysis highlights ‘flexible working notspots’ across the UK