BREXIT – time is running out to prepare

The government urges business leaders to step up preparations for Australia-style arrangements from 1 January and launches 'time is running out' campaign. Business leaders are urged not to get caught out by new rules at the end of the transition period by the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (CDL) Michael Gove … Continue reading BREXIT – time is running out to prepare

Chancellor outlines Winter Economy Plan

Rishi Sunak unveils government’s plan to protect jobs and support businesses over the coming months. central to plan is a new Job Support Scheme and extension of Self Employment Income Support Schemeand over one million businesses will get flexibilities to help pay back loans The Chancellor Rishi Sunak today outlined additional government support to provide … Continue reading Chancellor outlines Winter Economy Plan

New trial to offer streamlined use of GOV.UK

A trial is being carried out to make government services easier to find and use online. New GOV.UK accounts will make it easier for people to find and use government servicesPeople with accounts will not have to fill in their personal details multiple times on separate servicesThose who do not want accounts will still be … Continue reading New trial to offer streamlined use of GOV.UK