Employee Parental leave rights

What do you do when you need time to support children. Could you loose your job or be passed over for promotion. Laws are is in place to protect qualifying employees when they need to take care of parental responsibilities. Eligible employees can take unpaid parental leave to look after their child’s welfare. Find out … Continue reading Employee Parental leave rights

2 in 5 working mums face childcare crisis – #COVID19

Around 2 in 5 (41%) working mums with children under 10 can’t get – or are unsure whether they will get – enough childcare to cover the hours they need for work this September, according to a new TUC poll As children around England begin to return to school, an ICM survey for the TUC reveals that many mums are missing … Continue reading 2 in 5 working mums face childcare crisis – #COVID19

Marriage Allowance

S&C by PSP (c)2019 It is thought that millions of qualifying couples are missing out and have not applied for their marriage tax allowance. If one of the couple have reduced income due to family commitments or for other reasons, then this allowance may benefit you. Please note that you can apply for the marriage … Continue reading Marriage Allowance

Pregnant and being made redundant! #COVID19 #coronavirus

E by ZJ (c)2019 Question We have an employee who is being made redundant, her qualifying week falls before her end date of employment. ·       Do I issue P45 before we process SMP? ·       If she is on payroll is she entitled to employment rights does this affect her continuous employment? · Or do we process SMP … Continue reading Pregnant and being made redundant! #COVID19 #coronavirus