Reward and Payroll Summit 2022 – part 1

Thursday 17th November 2022, and great to be amongst payroll and reward professionals at the Reward & Payroll Summit at the London Hilton Bankside.

Jeremy Campbell, CEO Black Isle Group

Jeremy Campbell covered the six principle to crush your goals.

Ever wondered how Olympians win gold medals? Jeremy Campbell, CEO of Black Isle Group, explains the secrets behind the glory and asks “What if we tried the same methodology in business?”.

You have to build through small changes.

Employment law update

Hannah Strawbridge of Han law covered elements of employment law. The length of tribunal cases has increase from the pre pandemic levels of 6 month to new lengths of 1-2 years. Many employers are tending to take a pragmatic coat related decisions looking for settlement.

It is increasingly important for employer to go through correct processes to limit the amount of claims.

The government are looking to revoke many of the EU laws replacing then with UK relevant replacements.

Expansion of parental leave rights to grandparent btw and also caters leave rights.

Some employers are exploring ethnic pay gap although there is currently limited government progression.

PAYadvice.UK 17/11/2022

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