Reward and Payroll Summit – part 2 – The 4 day week

Ann-Marie Wittan

So the next sessions go into streams and I’ve attended one covering the move from a 5 day week to 4 at Atom bank.

They dipped from 37.5 to 34 without dropping pay. Work could be completed across 5 days but could be worked in 4.

Productivity has increased. Employees enjoy coming to work and are proud.

‘Atom is about challenging the status quo’

Metrics have positively trended. Attrition reduced by 10%. Sickness reduced. Customer satisfaction increased. Job applications have increased significantly.

Have there been challenges and bumps along the journey – yes. However overall it meets the needs of the business and the people.

‘Stand out from the crowd and be brave – give it a go’

So what types of tasks were cut out? Over the pandemic meeting creep occurred with virtual meeting having more attendees than could fit in a physical meeting room. Better management of meeting has occurred.

PAYadvice.UK 17/11/2022

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