Isle of Man Budget 2021

No payroll surprises (yet) for the payroll changes from the Isle of Man Budget 2021 held Tuesday 16th February 2022. Income tax remains unchanged In the Isle of Man budget 2021 information, it is stated that the LEL (marked with * below) ‘that these figures will not be announced until after the UK Budget and … Continue reading Isle of Man Budget 2021

6th April 2021 tax changes confirmed

Following the Scottish budget, the HMRC have confirmed the tax allowances, rates and thresholds for 2021/2022 across the UK, these are effective from 6th April 2021. The tables below provide both the current and the new tax year values. Personal Allowance England and Northern Ireland Tax calculations for 6th April include changes announced by the … Continue reading 6th April 2021 tax changes confirmed