Gender recognition application modernised

The Government committed to modernising the application process in response to the public consultation on the Gender Recognition Act, where respondents highlighted how burdensome and unaffordable the existing procedure was.

Last year, Minister for Women and Equalities, Liz Truss, announced the first step of this process by reducing the fee for applying for a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) to £5, a move that has helped an increased number of people apply.

This announcement will see all aspects of the GRC application moved onto one portal, removing the administrative burden on individuals and centralising the process.

Minister of State for Equalities, Kemi Badenoch

“We want transgender people to be free to live and to prosper in modern Britain.

“Those that responded to the Gender Recognition Act consultation asked for a simplified and centralised process, which is why I am delighted to launch this improved service today.

“This government will continue to prioritise initiatives that can improve the lives of LGBT people across the country.”

The new online service has been carefully developed and rigorously tested with trans people to ensure that it meets the needs of applicants and removes the barriers highlighted in the consultation. With this in mind, the guidance has been simplified and the process made more transparent and less bureaucratic.

Applicants without online access will still be able to apply through a paper-based route, in line with Government Digital Service standards.


Although the process for gender recognition has been simplified, there is still an HMRC requirement to identify as either male or female! The option for gender neutrality does not officially exist.

Although gender has been removed from the annual P60, the Real Time Information (RTI) Full Payment Submission (FPS) still requires the mandatory reporting of gender identifying as either male or female. If missing for any individual, the entire FPS submission is rejected and treated as not submitted.

PAYadvice.UK 30/6/2022

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