Payroll Service Summit – part 2

The afternoon has started with a welcome back from Paul Spiers of Experian.

Paul Spiers Experian (by psp 2022)

Experien are creating a digital verification of employment information by accepting data from multiple payroll sources.

(by psp 2022)

The next session was introduced by Samantha O’Sullivan of the CIPP on the topic of Pay On Demand.

Sam O’Sullivan (by psp 2022)

So the fireside chat was led by Adam Flight along with Ted Bachman (Income Group) and Sharon Kirby (Anyday).

(By psp 2022)

Income Group operate faster payment capabilities.

Earned wages access is not credit checked and is unregulated credit. it provides a short credit capability on the basis of future earnings for work time already completed. Often a fee is charged either of the employee but sometime to the employer.

Suspicion of these arrangements is still rife!

(By psp 2022)

The summit then went into a table activity on financial well being initiatives for a variety of scenarios.

(By psp 2022)

The day concluded with a panel discussion on payroll as a career and how many fall into payroll but choose to stay.

(By psp 2022)

The Payroll Services Summit too place at Illuminate 5 at the Science Museum London, 10th November 2022.

(London from the Science Museum by psp 2022)

PAYadvice.UK 10/11/2022

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