Payroll Services Summit 2022 – Part 1

Setting for the Payroll Services Summit 2022 (by psp 2022)

It’s great to be amongst the payroll service community at the summit on Thursday 10th November 2022 at the London Science Museum at Illuminate 5.

With the Underground on strike, many will have enjoyed walks on what is a dry weather day with reasonable warm weather from the closet point they could reach. Or if

London Science Museum (by psp 2022)

Around 150 payroll service professional have made their way the the top floor conference area to hear from industry leaders on the challenges of the past few years with the challenges of COVID, and the ongoing challenges with the regular charges to taxation and National Insurance.

Welcome by Laura Hughes of Pay Dashboard)
Barry Matthew (by psp 2022)

Payroll service managers have transformed over recent years to Business Managers. The industry is transforming through the use of new innovation and technology. The value of data is increasingly important adding intelligence information aiding business decisions.

Some of Barry’s recommendations (in summary) are to:

  • Invest in non-payroll skills
  • Spend time with clients face to face
  • Define your ideal client
  • Build a string team
  • Acquaint with the software market
Mathew Akrigg of CIPP (by psp 2022)

The CIPPs Matt Akrigg provided an update of change.

An area that has caused significant impact during 2022 is the Supreme Court ruling in the Harpur Trust v Brazel case which outlawed the use of 12.07% holiday accrual, confirming the annual entitlement of 5.6 paid weeks leave using the 52 paid week average method.

The case of R v Andrewes presented a CV fraud case where the individual claimed qualifications they did not hold. The Supreme Court ruled on a recovery based on the difference between earnings received and earning relevant to the actual qualifications held.

The CIPP operates an advisory service to the payroll profession that can assist with technical payroll questions.

Maria Mason BDO (by psp 2022)

Following the CIPP presentation we heard from Maria Mason of BDO covering the subject of risk. The four strategic areas being Data, Technology, Service and Advisory.

The expectations on payroll services is high, often the quality of requests is limited which introduces significant risks.

The BDO approach is to mix multiple best of bread solutions – having the view that no single solution covered all areas meeting the best. The importance of setting appropriate boundaries as the payroll service is the Data Processor and not the Data Controller.

Through initiatives the role has changed fro data keying with more technology based collection, accuracy has improved, savings achieved, productivity increased, improved recoveries and profitability.

Andy Guy (FD Intelligence) and Fions Hill (AFH Payroll) session on robotics tools with video presentation.

Robotics brings the opportunity to transform repetitive activity. Decision require a business approach as opposed to a pure technology project.

The pandemic was an obstacle to overcome, now that face to face is back, the design process is simpler to make the engineering design better.

PAYadvice.UK 10/11/2022

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