HMRC service issues – response

Jim Harra, HMRC Chief Executive and First Permanent Secretary, has written to the Chair of the Treasury Committee in response to questions following a recent incident which affected some of HMRC’s phone lines and online services. Throughout the incident, most of [HMRC] customer-facing online services, such as Self Assessment online filing, were unaffected and remained available.

HM Revenue and Customs faced IT performance problems from high level of digital traffic affecting parts of its IT infrastructure.

A change introduced overnight on Wednesday 30th November 2022 had altered the digital traffic management profile within the IT infrastructure and is considered the likely cause of service degradation.

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Although the disturbance to the operation of Pay As You Earn is claimed to have been minimal, support lines and application of RTI data appears to have occurred. Employer PAYE online dashboard appears to have a delayed update of November based data.

Jim Harra

Chief Executive and First Permanent Secretary

HM Revenue and Customs

Have you been affected?

Have you been affected by the closure of telephone lines and disruption to HMRC online services?

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PAYadvice.UK 10/12/2022

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