Happy Birthday PAYadvice.UK

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Wishing PAYadvice Ltd a very happy 4th Birthday. May there be many more.

On 9th April 2019 PAYadvice Ltd was registered with companies house and there lays the birth of PAYadvice.UK.

What was originally a WordPress side-hobby has become a registered and regulated business providing regular speed blog for all things Payroll, employment and beyond.

Following the reduction in COVID impacts on employment and payroll, 2022 has seen a disrupted political year with change in prime minister and chancellor, along with the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Multiple changes have impacted National Insurance and the country suffers from the impacts on the economy and life. Inflation has risen dramatically.

PAYadvice.UK has seen its active followers also increase dramatically by 164% from the 924 a year ago to 2436. PAYadvice.UK brings the latest breaking news that impacts pay, employment and employees.

PAYadvice.UK continues to be brave in being the first to publish a comprehensive consolidation of change with its Legislation Update 2023 having over 12,500 views and downloads. This covers both the United Kingdom and the Channel Island plus the Isle of Man.

So from humble beginnings the followers and article hits have grown dramatically for what, after all, is a niche subject:

  • 2019 (9 months) saw 1,132 visitors with 1,700 hits
  • 2020 saw the country impacted by COVID and the site reached 38,100 visitors with 62,000 hits
  • 2021 with COVID measures extended, the site reached new heights of 117,200 visitors with 163,900 hits during the busy period of regular furlough change. Payroll professionals had to look out for changes almost weekly on Fridays.
  • 2022 with COVID measures being more relaxed we saw 88,900 visitors with 119,400 hits
  • 2023 (to 8th April) has seen 23,364 visitors with 30,760 hits already

So far that makes over 377,840 hits since opening PAYadvice.UK with 2,436 from last years 924 signed up followers who receive regular update or email prompts.

PAYadvice is growing into a means of obtaining concise analysed synopsis of change, news, activity to aid the UK payroll industry.

Alongside it offers professional consultation services and is active in presentations, responding to subscription and pro-bono to queries.

Experts in RTI problem solving and all things electronic exchange; National Minimum Wage; Holiday PAYadvice entitlements and Pay; Salary Sacrifice arrangements; Payrolling Benefits and OpRA; Off-Payroll Workers. And of course, impacts on pay of COVID19. PAYadvice has the expertise, experience, qualifications and regulatory supervision to assist.

Happy birthday PAYadvice.

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