Are you being paid below National Minimum Wage or aged 25 and above and being paid under the National Living Wage?

Are you being paid for all of your work time? Does your employer expect you to do free additional work outside of paid time? Do you have to buy clothing to work or equipment to work for your employer? Are you expected to turn up earlier and stay later than your paid time? If you are late to work, does the employer dock more time than they should – many remove 15 minutes!

Many employees are being found to have been paid under National MinimumWage (NMW) or the National Living Wage (NLW). 1 in 3 employers audited by HMRC are found to have underpaid. Many millions of employees have received top-ups of pay due to the. as a result.

HM Revenue and Customs are encouraging employees to raise a complaints to them directly in confidence.

Raising a complaint is easy and only takes a few minutes using the GOV.UK online tools.

HMRC will contact you for any further details as needed and if it looks like you have not been paid correctly they will investigate your employer. They will keep you updated on progress of any investigation. If at the end of the investigation you are owed any arrears of pay, your employer will pay these to you directly.

If you think you may have been underpaid you can also contact PAYadvice in confidence for additional advice and guidance.

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