Employment rights – single enforcement body proposed

National Minimum Wage, Holiday Pay rights, Sick Pay rights – consultation on new enforcement body to support workers.

Following the Matthew Taylor review proposals, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has launched a consultation the ‘Good Work Plan: establishing a new Single Enforcement Body for employment rights’

The UK been leading the way on employment rights. The Good Work Plan sets out an ambitious set of reforms to ensure employment rights keep pace with the changing world of work.

The government is committed to ensuring workers receive what they are entitled to and protect them from exploitation. Effective enforcement plays a vital role in giving individuals the confidence to challenge employers where they are denied their rights.

Enforcement is a key priority, the intention is to extend the enforcement of rights for vulnerable workers. https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/good-work-plan-establishing-a-new-single-enforcement-body-for-employment-rights

Measures available to both employment tribunals and state enforcers are proposed to be expanded – ensuring that those intent on breaking the rules face tough consequences.

This consultation considers options for the creation of a single organisation responsible for enforcing employment rights.

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