Furloughed (or not) – The Skills Toolkit


In light of #COVID19 #coronavirus and many millions of UK workers either furloughed under the Job Retention Scheme or even laid off, the Department for Education have launched on Tuesday 28th April 2020 The Skills Toolkit.

Digital and numeracy skills are amongst those that are most sought after by employers, and can help you progress in work and boost your job prospects. Digital skills can be anything from using social media and staying safe online to coding, programming or digital marketing.

The Skills Toolkit

Why improve your digital skills?

Digital skills are valuable and sought after for all kinds of jobs.

  • 82% of all job vacancies require digital skills [1]
  • Roles requiring digital skills pay 29% more than those that don’t [2]
  • In recent years, the number of digital jobs grew almost three times as quickly as other occupations [3]

You can choose from a selection of high quality courses put together in collaboration with experts. Find a level and time to study that’s right for you. The Skills Toolkit makes it easy for you to boost your skills.

We know lockdown has made life difficult for many of us, but if you can find the time, grab this opportunity to build up your existing skill set and discover new talents.

OpenLearn learner from the Open University said:

“Free courses are a great way of dipping into subjects, to test the waters as it were and to build some confidence. Maybe some subjects aren’t as scary as one might think.”

PAYadvice have also shared free courses offered online by the Open University OpenLearn

At home with some time on your hands wondering what to do, go learn something new and build your skills.

PAYadvice.UK.UK 28/4/2020

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