PM statement on coronavirus: 17th July 2020

Boris Johnson, PM

Friday 17th July 2020, the British Primeminister sets out further measures in the process of lifting restrictions.

The highlights

Today we are publishing our framework for containing and controlling future outbreaks in England, which will enable national and local government to work closely together.

…local authorities will have new powers …They will be able to close specific premises, shut public outdoor spaces, and cancel events….

central government can intervene more effectively at a local level….

Where justified by the evidence, ministers will be able to close whole sectors or types of premises in an area, introduce local “stay at home” orders, prevent people entering or leaving defined areas, reduce the maximum size of gatherings beyond national rules, or restrict transport systems serving local areas.

has to be right that we take local action in response to local outbreaks – there is no point shutting down a city in one part of the country to contain an outbreak in another part of the country.

…testing sites … 200 mobile units which can be rapidly deployed wherever they are needed.

We will be rolling out the biggest ever flu vaccination programme in the history of the U.K.

… extending our plan to lift the remaining national measures which have restricted our lives since March so we can get back to something closer to normal life.

So in England, from today we are making clear that anybody may use public transport, while of course encouraging people to consider alternative means of transport where they are available.

From 25 July, we have already committed to reopening the indoor gyms, pools and other sports facilities.

From 1 August, we will update our advice on going to work. Instead of government telling people to work from home, we are going to give employers more discretion, and ask them to make decisions about how their staff can work safely.

….making workplaces safe by following Covid Secure guidelines. Whatever employers decide, they should consult closely with their employees, and only ask people to return to their place of work if it is safe.

1 August, we will reopen most remaining leisure settings, namely bowling, skating rinks and casinos, and we will enable all close contact services such as beauticians to resume.

Nightclubs and soft play areas will sadly need to remain closed…

We will restart indoor performances to a live audience, subject to the success of pilots, and we will also pilot larger gatherings in venues like sports stadia, with a view to wider reopening in the Autumn.

We will also allow wedding receptions for up to 30 people….

In September, schools, nurseries and colleges will be open for all children and young people on a full-time basis,…

And universities are also working to reopen as fully as possible.

From October, we intend to bring back audiences in stadia and to allow conferences and other business events to recommence…

…a more significant return to normality from November at the earliest – possibly in time for Christmas.

…But if we continue to pull together as we have done so far, I know we can beat this virus.

Hoping for the best, but planning for the worst – and it’s in that spirit that we must carry on waging this long, hard fight against Coronavirus.

PAYadvice.UK 17/7/2020

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