Employees encouraged to report furlough cheats

The government states ‘The Job Retention Scheme was put in place to save jobs’.

HM Revenue and Customs are asking employees to help protect the scheme and U.K. taxpayers who fund it by reporting cheats.

If employees are concerned that their employer is or has abused the scheme, to report their employer to HMRC.

Over 4,000 employers have so far been reported. Some surveys have indicated that up to 1/3rd of employers may have broken qualification rules, for example, requiring some employees to undertake some form of non permitted work during furlough, or not paying over grant claim amounts to employees.

HMRC-administered coronavirus relief schemes are the:

  • Job Retention Scheme
  • Self-Employment Income Support Scheme
  • Statutory Sick Pay support for employers

Employees are not try to find out more about the tax evasion or let anyone know their making a report. Personal details do not have to be given and assurances are given that any information will be treated as confidential.

PAYadvice.UK 19/7/2020

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