Informing and consulting employees

All employers must inform and consult their employees on:

  • selling the business or buying a new one
  • making 20 or more redundancies in a 90 day period
  • health and safety issues

Get legal advice if you’re unsure whether you need to tell your employees about something.

If you have more than 50 employees you may also have to:

  • consult employees on changes to your pension scheme
  • share other business information with your workforce if they request an information and consultation agreement


The Coronavirus pandemic has been a major disruptor for U.K. business. Decisions on continuation and the new normal are having to be made at lightning speed. Employer costs are about to increase as the governments furlough scheme winds down. However, employers still retain employment law obligations, employees continue to have rights and protections. Change may require appropriate consultation with your workforce.

PAYadvice.UK 31/7/2020

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