The future of work can be flexible

There has been a steep rise in the number of employees working flexibly during lockdown, alongside this there has also been a decline in stigma around flexible working during this period.

A survey by the University of Kent and Birmingham University asked over 1,000 employed and self-employed workers about working from home during the pandemic and how it has influenced a range of work-life issues.

76% of mothers and 73% of fathers to suggest they would like to work more flexibly in future so they can spend more time with their children.

Government recommendations

  • Make Flexible Working a day one entitlement… and … remove the stigma associated with using it.
  • Consider mandatory publishing within Gender Pay Gap (GPG) reporting … to outline whether or not they advertise all jobs as open to Flexible Working and whether it is available from day one and to include a question … whether companies have advertised positions as available for Flexible Working.
  • Launch a communication exercise to promote Flexible Working particularly to fathers … and help address the perceived barriers and consequences.
  • Look at ways to support organisations to deal with wellbeing and mental health issues cause by the COVID-19 lockdown and long-term homeworking.

PAYadvice.UK 4/8/2020

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