Tax credits claimants will continue to receive payments even if working fewer hours due to COVID-19

If you claim tax credits and have returned to work after being furloughed but are still temporarily not working your normal hours due to COVID 19 you do not need to tell HMRC. They will continue to use the information they already have until 31st October 2020.

Those working reduced hours due to coronavirus or those being furloughed by their employer will not have their tax credits payments affected if they are still employed or self-employed.

HMRC will automatically treat claimants as working their normal hours until the Job Retention Scheme closes, even if they are not using the scheme.

They will continue use the information they hold about the number of hours normally worked.

Claimants can still report other changes in income, childcare and hours in the normal way. However, they must tell HMRC if they or their partner lose their job, are made redundant or cease trading.

You can continue to claim Working Tax Credit and be treated as though working normal hours, but check GOV.UK to see if additional or alternative support is available based on personal and financial circumstances.

PAYadvice.UK 22/9/2020

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