Rishi Sunak explains ‘the Job Support Scheme‘

I wanted to take a moment to explain how the Job Support Scheme compares to other countries and how it interacts with Universal Credit. JSS not only supports people by paying 2/3rds of their salary but for many the remaining drop in earnings will be covered by the welfare system – up to 90%.

Our system is more generous to those who need it most, through increased Universal Credit and the local housing allowance. As the lowest paid people see their earnings going down, UC increases welfare payments to compensate.

For example, for someone: – in their late 20s – privately renting in Manchester – working 35 hours at the minimum wage They would still be paid an after tax and after benefits income of just over 90% of what they had before.

Finally, even at 2/3 support the JSS is in line with other large European economies:

PAYadvice.UK 15/10/2020

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