Wales: The Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) extension

Support for care workers who are required to stay off work due to actual or suspected COVID-19 or because they have to self-isolate.

Please note that this Scheme relates to care homes located in Wales. It does not apply to England, Northern Ireland or Scotland.

The Statutory sick pay enhancement scheme supports care workers who only get Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) ( when absent or are not eligible for SSP.

It provides funding to allow employers to pay eligible workers at full pay if they cannot work due to COVID-19.

This removes the financial disadvantage to care workers of staying away from work. This will help to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

The scheme runs until 31 March 2021.

All potential eligible employees need to submit a declaration form. This states the employee is content for personal data to be shared with their local authority to administer the scheme

Employers and care agencies are responsible for:

  • advising staff of the availability of the scheme
  • issuing declaration forms
  • retaining declaration forms for audit/checking purposes for a minimum of 24 months after date of the payment
  • continuing to pay employee or agency staff at full pay (no backdated payment should be made)
  • submitting claims to the local authority

HMRC has confirmed the enhanced payment made to employees under the SSP enhancement scheme is regarded as earnings. It is liable for tax, national insurance contributions, pension contributions and student loan repayments, where appropriate. It will also be included in benefits calculations.

As these payments will take an employee’s pay up to the level of full pay, the deductions will be the same as those usually taken from wages.

Care workers who do not receive SSP, but are otherwise eligible for this scheme, will receive 100% of their usual salary.

For the latest details about who qualifies and how the scheme is administered the Welsh government information can be found at:

PAYadvice.UK 6/11/2020

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