Job Retention Scheme Calculator – ready for Extended November calculations

The Job Retention Scheme Calculator has been readied for the November Furlough calculations. Issued on a Monday 9th November, Employers are able to calculate furlough grant reclaim amounts for employees who were in the original furlough scheme or employed and reported before 20th March 2020, and the new cohort of employees who have since been employed and reported meeting the extended 30th October 2020 reporting deadline for qualification.

So the calculator provides the old calculation basis, and a new employee calculations as well. For employees reported on FPS before 20th March 2020, you will need reference salary and usual hours as with previous CJRS claims.

It offers the payroll breakdown values for Monthly, 4-weekly, 2-weekly and weekly values.

The full guidance for the extended scheme are expected to be issued on Tuesday 10th November with the online claim capability available from Wednesday 11th November 2020. Employers can make the grant claim in advance, but must pay over any amounts claimed to the relevant employee on the regular pay date.

PAYadvice.UK 10/11/2020

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