Job Retention Scheme numbers continue to shrink

Some highlights from the statistics

  • CJRS has supported a total of 11.6 million jobs across all claims submitted to HMRCby 14th June 2021
  • the number of employments on furlough has decreased by 1.2 million from 30th April to 2.4 million on furlough at 31st May 2021, down from 3.5 million on 30th April. Numbers on CJRS last peaked at 5.1 million in January and have fallen since
  • at 31st May 2021, provisional figures show that 30% of employers had staff on furlough, down from 35% at 30th April 2021. Also, at 31st May 2021, 8% of employments eligible for furlough were on furlough (provisional figure), down from 12% at 30th April
  • more employments were on furlough with male job holders than where the employee was female at the end of May. This reflects decreases in the number of jobs on furlough in sectors such as accommodation and food which have a high proportion of female employees
  • across the UK, where it was possible to link the data, 1.72 million females were on furlough at 30th April 2021 compared with 1.67 million males. Provisional estimates show a decrease with 1.13 million females on furlough at 31st May 2021 and 1.20 million males
  • the proportion of employments on partial furlough increased from 40% at 30th April 2021 to 48% at 31st May. The number of employments on partial furlough decreased between these two dates from 1.4 million to 1.1 million at 31st May.

PAYadvice.UK 1/7/2021

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