Sick pay self-certification returns to 7 days coverage

End to temporary changes to the self-certification period for sickness absence

In December 2021, the government made regulations to extend the self-certification period for sickness absences from 7 days to 28 days. This was a strictly time-limited change to support the government priority to increase GP capacity immediately and enable GPs to focus on the coronavirus vaccination booster programme.

The regulations expired on Thursday 26th January 2022. This means that from 27th January 2022, the self-certification will revert to 7 days for any absences which begin on or after 27th January 2022. For any absence which began on or after 10th December 2021, up to and including 26th January 2022, the 28-day self-certification period will continue to apply.

The government would like to take this opportunity to thank employers for their support in this national effort.

PAYadvice.UK 27/1/2022

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