PAYE RTI 2023-24: Technical Pack updated

The HMRC Software Developer Support Team have notified updates to the Real Time Information technical specifications and an update to the RTI data items for the 2023/2024 tax year

HMRC are pleased advise that the 2023-24 RTI technical pack for internet (XML) submissions is now available:

Their current plans are to implement these artefacts in the test services as follows:

  • LTS – Wednesday 2nd November 2022
  • TPVS/ETS – Monday 14th November 2022


With the removal of the proposed Health and Social Care Levy, the change for April 2023 remain straight forward with year changes to calendar date ranges remaining .

However, with further changes in prime minister and fiscal events to happen, will there be more changes that impact payroll?

PAYadvice.UK 23/10/2022

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