PAYE RTI 2024-25: technical pack published

Dear PAYadvice.UK,

I’m pleased to advise that the 2024-25 RTI technical pack for internet submissions is now available on GOV.UK at Real Time Information support for software developers.

Our current plans are to implement these artefacts in the test services as follows:
• LTS – Wednesday 4th October 2023
• TPVS/ETS – Monday 16th October 2023

Kind regards

Software Developer Support Team
HMRC CDIO EPS | Enterprise Integration Services

So what are the changes?

The changes for the April 2024 tax year relate to:

  • The change of the tax year from 2023/2024 to 2024/2025
  • The removal of data related to the former BACS Hash used for Universal Credit payment verification which is no longer used
  • The addition of new NIC category letters NKED introduced for Investment Zone Employer National insurance Relief (IZENR)

PDF versions of the documents can be found at:

RTI Schema changes 2023-24 to 2024-25

RTI Data Items from April 2024

And what about other future changes for April 2024

Further announcements on changes that impact payroll and payroll software are expected in the weeks leading up to and following the announced Autumn Statement on 22nd November 2023 when more details is likely to be made available on:

  • National Minimum and National Living Wage increases and any change to ages
  • Income Tax Free Pay and Income Tax for the rest of the UK (England and Northern Ireland)
  • National Insurance
  • Statutory Payments

Where can we find out more?

PAYadvice.UK publish a series of articles and resources on changes for 2024 for payroll professionals and payroll software and service providers:

PAYadvice.UK 6/9/2023

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