#COVID19 SSP (sick pay) reclaims to be standalone process

Absence due to #COVID19 related sickness ‘unfit for work’ expected to be treated as a stand-alone process from other Non #coronavirus absence.

No changes are planned for employer reporting of Real Time Information (RTI) Full Payment Submission (FPS) or Employer Payment Summary (EPS).

New emergency legislation is being introduced retrospectively effective from Friday 13th March to enable #COVID19 SSP to be available from day 1. Employers with under 250 employees across their combined group of PAYE schemes, able to claim any related SSP payments for the first 14 days of SSP per employee.

The process of claim is currently being developed, whether that be an iform or web enabled mechanism to upload the claims when ready is yet to be defined.

The process will be external to standard payroll and HMRC electronic exchange mechanisms.

The government measures are currently set to expire on 12 November 2020, however this is subject to change to bring to an end earlier, or extend further.

PAYadvice.com 17/3/2020

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