How popular is Homeworking?

UK business has had to rapidly adapt to meet crisis conditions under the Coronavirus pandemic. Working life may now change forever!

Return to work plans are now considering more long range inclusion of home-working with some planning on regular 2 days working from home policies as a rule of thumb.

Former fears of productivity drops and complexities of navigating conference calls have largely been abated due to increased productivity, and success of group calls and online meetings even with the minor disturbances of children and pet noises. The UK workforce has adapted incredibly. Online meetings are not just about business alone but around human social interactions in the context of business and social advancement.

Coronavirus social distancing enforced home-working has identified business advantages.

The Office of National Statistics have issued a report on ‘Technology intensity and homeworking in the UK’

  • Homeworking opportunities vary significantly between industries, with 10% of employees within the accommodation and food services industry reporting having ever worked from home (in 2019) compared with 53% of those in the information and communication industry.
  • The extent to which an employee can work from home depends on whether a specific physical environment, tools, or proximity to other people are required for the role.
  • Technology can be an enabling power for homeworking, providing employees have the access to, and skills required for, technology.

PAYadvice.UK 2/5/2020

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