Flexible furlough agreements – put it in writing

ACAS provide comprehensive guidance to employers on the requirements for furlough.

Flexible furlough agreements – in writing

From 1 July 2020, a perviously furloughed employee can agree with their employer to be put on ‘flexible furlough’. They can work some of their usual hours and be put on furlough for the hours not worked.

Any new furlough arrangements should be agreed between the employer, employee or worker and be put in writing.


  • keep the agreement for 5 years
  • keep a written record of how many hours someone works and how many hours they’re furloughed (not working)

Furlough agreements

Any furlough agreements should be in writing. It’s a good idea to include:

  • the date furlough starts
  • how much the furloughed worker will be paid
  • when the furlough will be reviewed
  • how to keep in contact during furlough

Extending furlough

Any agreement to extend furlough should be put in writing.

Ending furlough

To end furlough, employers should give staff notice in writing.

Changing an employment contract

If an employer cannot reach an agreement they may decide they need to change the written terms in their contract.

If more than 20 people are affected, employers will need to ‘collectively consult’ staff representatives.

PAYadvice.UK 7/7/2020

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