National Insurance Contribution changes 2021/2022

The HMRC Software Developer Support Team (SDSTeam) have provided the following in relation to National Insurance Contributions (NICs) applicable from 6th April 2021:-

The government made a Written Ministerial Statement that it will use the September Consumer Price Index as the basis for setting the National Insurance limits and thresholds, as well as the rates of Class 2 and 3 National Insurance contributions for tax year 2021/22. This will be delivered through secondary legislation in the New Year and subject to Parliamentary approval.

Please find attached a table with the National Insurance rates, thresholds and limits for employees and employers.


With the issuing of the National Insurance bands and thresholds, payroll software developers and professionals can now progress some of the change plans for April 2021.

The Lower Earnings Limit remains at £120 per week so the trigger for Statutory Payment changes remains unchanged along with certain state benefits.

PAYadvice.UK 22/12/2020 updated 20/2/2020

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