Brexit done!

After four and a half year the UK government and the EU have reached agreement.

Primeminister Boris Johnson

…We have taken back control of laws and our destiny. We have taken back control of every jot and tittle of our regulation. In a way that is complete and unfettered. From Jan 1 we are outside the customs union, and outside the single market. British laws will be made solely by the British Parliament. Interpreted by UK judges sitting in UK courts. And the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice will come to an end.

We will be able to set our own standards, to innovate in the way that we want, to originate new frameworks for the sectors in which this country leads the world, from biosciences to financial services, artificial intelligence and beyond.

We will be able to decide how and where we are going to stimulate new jobs and new hope.

TUC: Brexit deal better than nothing, but not by much

Commenting on the UK-EU trade deal agreed today (Thursday), TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “This deal is better than nothing, but not by much. It won’t protect jobs and puts hard-won workers’ rights on the line.

PAYadvice.UK 24/12/2020

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