HMRC annual issue of P9 tax codes commences

HMRC have confirmed that electronic outputs of P9 tax codes to be applied for contractual payments dates from 6th April 2021, will be issued to employers or their electronic exchange agents who have their PAYE scheme set to ‘Yes’ for P9 bulk issue starting now and through until 19th February 2021.

For employers where the electronic exchange setting on the employer PAYE online are set to ‘No’, the paper P9 will be posted to be with employers by 19 March 2021.

This information will be confirmed in the next edition of the employer bulletin shortly.

HMRC have also issued the uplift instructions to employers on form P9X. This instructs employers where a P9 has not been issued, to automatically uplift certain tax code suffixes.

PAYadvice Legislation update 2021

For a download copy of the PAYadvice Legislation Update 2021 showing the latest fiscal values for 2021, click on the following picture:

PAYadvice.UK 9/2/2021 updated 20/2/2021

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